Artist in Residence Program

Marpha Foundation’s Artist in Residence program offers artists a context to pursue their practice in an environment dedicated to aesthetics, social justice, compassion, and educational access.

A Marpha Foundation residency is not a consumer experience. Resident artists come to Marpha as creative contributors sharing their perspectives and bearing witness to the Marpha Foundation learning community’s endeavors.

All funds generated from the Artist in Residence program directly support the eight local women’s yearly salaries who staff our Rosehips Center for Creative Learning. At the heart of a healthy community is a population of healthy women—residency fees allow us to invest in the well-being and skills of the women at the center of our learning community.

Who? Where? When? What?

Marpha Foundation accepts applications from artists in all stages of professional development and across diverse practices, including, but not limited to, visual arts, theater, dance, music, and creative writing.

The residency is located in Marpha, a village in the Thak Khola valley, situated at 2,670 m between the Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. Residents are lodged at local guest houses and take all meals at Marpha Foundation’s Rosehips Center. Private studios are located across the street in our Sunchance Garden House.

Four to eight-week residencies are held between March-June and September-November every year. We offer limited three-month residencies from June-August or July-September. To accommodate schedules from across the world, we have rolling admissions and, therefore, no application deadline. However, we ask that all applications be submitted at least three months before your preferred start date.

The Marpha Foundation residency is self-directed and studio focused. Artists are invited to give an artist talk during their first week of residence and host at least one open studio during their tenure. Foundation staff is available for logistical help with research and production needs. Please read our FAQ page for more information.

Our Residency is on pause until further notice due to COVID-19.


Spring and Fall Residency Details

Available months: March, April, May, June, September, October, November

Duration: 4-8 weeks

Registration fee: 75 USD (to be paid upon acceptance)

Weekly fee: 190 USD (all fees directly support salaries for local women in our Foundation Kindergarten)

Marpha Foundation provides: food, lodging, shared workspace, logistical assistance for projects, official letter of invitation.

Summer Residency Details

Available months: June-August, July-September

Duration: 12 weeks

Registration fee: 75 USD (to be paid upon acceptance)

Weekly fee: 110 USD (all fees directly support salaries for local women in our Foundation Kindergarten)

Marpha Foundation provides: food, lodging, shared workspace, logistical assistance for projects, official letter of invitation.


How to apply

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Please apply at least six weeks before your desired start date.

To apply please email the following materials as a combined pdf* to info(at)marphafoundation(dot)org

  • Facts: name, age, gender, nationality, current address, Skype/WhatsApp ID, residency type, preferred dates of participation, website, how did you hear about the residency
  • CV
  • Project proposal (the proposal should address your expectations for the residency and how you anticipate spending your time in Marpha)
  • Work samples (up to 15 images*, up to 5 hyperlinks to video / audio, or up to 10 pages of writing samples) *For applications with image samples please include a list detailing the title, date, medium, and dimensions of individual works.

*Please compress your PDF using