Marpha Foundation equips rural youth with lifelong learning skills, designs educational resources, and fosters environments in which all participants engage as equals.


To provide educational programs and training.

To offer opportunities for employment, volunteering, and collaboration.

To organize and facilitate cultural programs.

To preserve local and indigenous knowledge and practices.

To preserve private and public Thak Khola architecture.

To collaborate with domestic and international government agencies, foundations, organizations and associations who share similar objectives.

Systemic Attitudes

Marpha Foundation has five core systemic attitudes that guide us in our interactions within our team, the classroom and the broader community.

These attitudes permeate all of our interactions, they are solution oriented and focused on skills and abilities rather than on deficits. Above all, theses attitudes make empathy and compassion systemic. As an organization we are not reacting to the problems or injustices we observe, instead we are responding – making a bridge from one point to another.

Everybody has the right to be respected and valued

Everybody has resources, skills and abilities

Everybody creates their own truth

Everybody is autonomous and responsible

Everybody has the potential for solutions