Marpha Foundation is a mindful community initiative that exists to nurture the whole human being through culturally sustaining pedagogy, local employment, and access to the arts.

Core Systemic Practices

Social Justice. We actively recognize, respond, and redress biases and inequities. We create and sustain anti-biased, equitable, and inclusive programs. We continuously evaluate our organizational culture and ourselves through a social justice lens.

Compassion. We acknowledge our interdependence and create healthy relationships by extending ourselves to nurture our own and others’ self-awareness with acts of care, affection, recognition, respect, commitment, and trust, as well as open and honest communication.

Intercultural Awareness. We understand that culture shapes an individual’s experiences. We create a culturally aware and supportive learning community that sustains diversity and celebrates our common humanity by reflecting on our own cultures of origin and actively learning about other cultures with humility and respect.

Environmental Stewardship. We honor all our relations by carefully tending land, water, and air. We are mindful of our habits of consumption and actively reduce our waste. We amplify traditional ecological knowledge and work to achieve sustainability goals.

Core Systemic Attitudes

Marpha Foundation has five core systemic attitudes that guide us in our interactions within our team, the classroom, and the broader community.

These attitudes permeate all of our interactions, they are solution-oriented and focused on skills and abilities rather than on deficits. Above all, these attitudes make empathy and compassion systemic. As an organization we are not reacting to the problems or injustices we observe, instead, we are responding and making a bridge from one point to another.

  • Everybody has the right to be respected and valued
  • Everybody has resources, skills, and abilities
  • Everybody is experiencing their own truth
  • Everybody is autonomous and responsible
  • Everybody has the potential for solutions