Become a Marpha Foundation Fellow

Every year Marpha Foundation hosts fellows who are talented and dedicated practitioners in their fields. These individuals work on a variety of programs and projects as creative contributors. The qualifications and time commitment vary based on the position. Subscribe to the Fellowship mailing list here.

Marpha Foundation provides homemade and locally sourced food, as well as comfortable lodging for all fellows. There is a one-time registration fee of $180 (USD) to cover administrative costs.

Due to COVID-19, our Fellowship Program is on pause until further notice.

2021 sessions:
Session 1: TBA
Session 2: TBA
Session 3: TBA
Session 4: TBA

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Kindergarten Creative Studio Fellow 

This position is for an individual with a background in education and creative arts. As the Kindergarten Creative Studio Fellow you will help staff teachers and children (ages two to five) work with a variety of materials and creative practices that compliment classroom curricular learning. Central to this role will be the documentation of activities for future use, as well as documentation of student work and progress. In this position you will also be responsible for the maintenance of the Creative Studio and related materials. Additionally, you will work with the participants in our Artist-in-Residence program to organize artist talks, open studios, and potential collaborations within the Kindergarten.
Qualifications: Fluent in English. Background in creative arts. Previous experience working in an educational setting with children ages two to seven years old preferred. Gardening experience a plus!

Kindergarten Aid and Monastery Teaching Fellow

In this position you will be teaching alongside local teachers at Marpha Foundation’s Rosehips Kindergarten, working to teach English with children between the ages of two and five. You will support local teachers in creating lesson plans and generating teaching materials that synthesize philosophies from Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and Montessori approaches to foster an environment for experiential learning. You will also help lead baking and garden classes, curate free play stations, design field trips, and help with mealtimes, potty, and basic hygiene.

As a teaching fellow you will also have the opportunity to work with the young monks at Marpha’s Samtencholing Monastery. These classes are one hour each, five days a week, with nine students between the ages of 8 and 16 years old. These classes are English-medium lessons that focus on Language acquisition and basic math concepts through hands-on activities.

Lastly, you will be the fellow liaison with our offsite Support Coordinator. This will involve email and photo updates of all Fellowship and Residency activities.

Qualifications: Fluent in English. Minimum one-year experience working in an educational setting with children ages two to seven years old. Gardening experience a plus!