Applications due December 15th, 2019

Marpha Foundation provides homemade and locally sourced food, as well as comfortable lodging for all Fellows. Upon acceptance, there is a one-time registration fee of $180 (USD) to cover administrative costs.

To apply, please email the following information as a single PDF to jessica(at)marphafoundation(dot)orgIt is important that your all of your application materials are sent as one single and compressed document. Please compress your PDF using http://smallpdf.com/compress-pdf.

Application Components:

  1. Fact Page: name, age, gender, nationality, current address, Skype or WhatsApp ID, desired fellowship position, session preference, and how you heard about Marpha Foundation.
  2. CV or resume.
  3. Two references (contact information only).
  4. Letter of interest.
  5. Additional Materials. For Kindergarten Creative Studio Fellow applicants only, please include up to 10 images of your own art or a link to your website.
  6. Application Questions. Please answer the following questions in fewer than 200 words each.
  • What sort of expectations do you have of this experience?
  • How do you feel appreciated? How do you show appreciation for others?
  • How do you set goals and motivate yourself to accomplish them?
  • We’re a small team, we spend almost all day everyday together, in both work and social contexts. At times you might get tired or stressed. How would you support and recharge yourself?
  • What role do you usually occupy within a team? While in this role, how do you relate to other team members?
  • Fellows often have other skills that resonate with Marpha Foundation and add to the experience for everyone. In the past, these skills have included yoga, toy making, illustration/graphic design, baking, gardening, wildcrafting and food fermentation. If you have any of these skills, or others, please share them with us.



Before you apply for a Fellowship, make sure Marpha Foundation is a good fit for you. Please carefully consider the following expectations.

You have arranged your personal and professional life to live and work in Marpha, Nepal, for the full length of your commitment. To make the most of your experience…

Engage with and appreciate local communities and the Marpha Foundation team with an open mind and in a spirit of mutual learning and respect.

Let go of preconceived notions of Nepal, Marpha, and how you may envision the experience. Observe and participate without expectations or judgment. Approach experiences with an open mind.

Ask yourself “How can I contribute?” As a Marpha Foundation Fellow, you are creative contributor, not a consumer of an experience. Creative contributors are flexible, explore possibilities, invest in collective success, and take responsibility.

Self-motivate, challenge yourself and stay organized. Leadership for Fellows is given over email and weekly chats with our off-site program director.

You are what you teach. By example, teach curiosity, open-mindedness, confidence, empathy, respectfulness, and the willingness to be silly and have fun.

Be positive and solution oriented. Focus on possibilities rather than problems. Concentrate on resources and abilities rather than deficits.

Practice good judgment and personal care to protect the safety and health of yourself and those around you.

You will act as a representative of Marpha Foundation and will be responsible for your personal and work-related conduct at all times.

No work is too low. All work is important and deserves respect. We work together to do everything, from idea work to housework.  The goal is to be helpful. “What you expect someone else to do is done by all” – Morgan Puett.

Listen to Nepali and try speaking. The local staff truly appreciates it when Fellows make an effort to speak Nepali. Learning even just a few words will endear you greatly and likely spark your desire to learn more!

You are prepared to embrace day-to-day life in a rural environment.

Toilets. There are both squat toilets and Western toilets in Nepal. Toilet paper or other hygiene products cannot be put down any toilets in Marpha, in fact, Marpha Foundation is toilet paper free!

Bathing. Showers may not happen as frequently as you are used to. Most volunteers shower once or twice a week. Water in Marpha is solar heated, it’s hot when it’s sunny, and not when it’s cloudy.

Laundry and dishes are done by hand.

Food at the Rosehips Center is seasonal and vegetarian and all meals are taken together.

Travel to Marpha is an adventure. Travel can be affected by weather and festivals.

Internet is slow and sometimes will go out for days at a time.

Fleas, flies and rodents are commonly found in Himalayan villages, and Marpha is no exception!

Early to bed, early to rise. We start early in the morning and our days are full.

Respect spaces and resources. We all care for our physical space and materials and use resources judiciously.

Reduce waste. We limit the amount of packaged goods we bring to or buy in Marpha.

Time off is relatively nonexistent. Travel around Nepal and visits with friends and family should take place before or after your commitment.

Alcohol consumption is minimal, reserved for special occasions, and should never result in intoxication.

Tobacco should not be used in the presence of any children or community members, and should not be purchased in the village.